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What to Expect From Your HVAC Technician During a Heater Tune-Up

With summer coming to an end and fall upon us, now is the perfect time to schedule a heater tune-up. You want to be sure you and your heater are ready for those lows in the 20s and 30s that are not uncommon here in Norman, OK.

It may seem too soon, but getting your heater checked now can save you time, money, and frustration later on. After all, you don’t want to find out you need a new furnace right when temperatures are at their coldest.

Here’s a quick guide to knowing what to expect during your HVAC tune-up.

Why Get a Tune-Up?

Getting a pre-season tune-up ensures that your system is ready to go when the temperatures start changing. No one wants to get stuck in freezing weather with no heater.

Your tune-up will prevent system failure by letting you know if you need to replace your furnace or just make some minor repairs. It can also keep your energy bill low by ensuring your system runs efficiently.

Getting your tune-up now before the season starts may score you a discount. Who doesn’t love saving some cash on necessary tasks?

What to Expect

When the technician arrives, they’ll inspect your system and make any necessary repairs. Often, this means lubricating the moving parts, calibrating the thermostat, checking for proper airflow, and testing the heat cycle.

Other items inspected will ensure proper operation, but also maintain your system’s safety. These tasks include testing the operating pressures, starting capabilities, safety controls, and the voltage and AMP draw of the motors.

Once the technician is finished with their tasks, they will sit down and discuss with you the status of your system. They will explain any repairs or necessary maintenance performed. They will also recommend any future maintenance or repairs that will help your system.

Tune-Up Benefits

So what can you expect from your tune-up? Your system should have restored capacity and run with improved efficiency.

Regular maintenance will extend the overall life of your system. With proper care, you can expect to get 15 to 20 years out of your furnace.

Choose the right company, and they will stand behind their work. For example, we offer 24-hour emergency service, no overtime rates, same day service, and a 1-year warranty on all of our parts and labor.

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

If your system heats and cools, you should have maintenance performed twice a year. In the spring and fall are best.

If your system is separate, then you can perform yearly maintenance on each of the systems. The cooling system will receive its maintenance every spring. Then your furnace will undergo its maintenance every fall.

Schedule Your Heater Tune-Up

Hopefully, we have convinced you that a heater tune-up is a quick and affordable way to make sure you are ready for the winter months. Our tune-up service is easy to schedule, and our knowledgeable techs will do a thorough job inspecting and maintaining your HVAC system.

Schedule your heater tune-up today, and we will come out and make sure your home is winter-ready.

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