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No Hot Water? Here’s How to Troubleshoot Common Water Heater Problems!

It has long been man’s mission to control the environment around him. With each new invention and with each passing year, we grow more capable of controlling the space around us.

In 1889, thanks to Edmund Rudd and his water heater, we started being able to control the temperature of the H2O in our homes. Of course, the battle over water temperature domination didn’t stop there.

Even today, our water heater’s break down or malfunction, but we’re here to help you troubleshoot it. If you’ve got no hot water or the water you do have smells bad, we’ll walk you through some potential solutions.

No Hot Water

Not having any hot water in your heater is the most common (and most annoying) problem you can have. It’s also the most difficult problem to solve.

In most cases, this problem simply indicates that the heating element in your heater isn’t on or functioning. If you have a gas water heater, it may be as simple as relighting your pilot light or clearing a blockage in your pipes.

If you have an electric heater, the problem may be more difficult to solve on your own, as the electric heating elements are little more complex in their construction. Either way, this problem will likely have to be solved by a repairman.

The Water Is Too Hot

If you have the opposite problem where your water is too hot for use, the solution is often as simple as turning the temperature down on the water heater’s thermostat.

Every water heater has a thermostat as part of its temperature-pressure relief valve. Once you’ve turned it down, wait a few hours to determine if the change did anything. If it didn’t, or the problem has only gotten worse, call a repairman immediately.

This is a potentially dangerous mechanical error.

The Hot Water Smells Bad

If you’ve noticed that your water has begun looking funky or smelling bad, it may be your water heater’s fault.

However, more often than not, this issue is tied to your actual water supply. To determine the source of this problem, run your faucets at both hot and cold temperatures. If your water is discolored or smells bad at either temperature it’s most likely a problem with your water supply.

In this case, you can consider reporting the issue to your local municipality and/or install a water filtration system in your home.

Your Water Heater is Making a Racket

If your heater is making loud pops and bangs, this is an indication of hard water sediment collecting inside your tank over time and exploding. This is a problem in areas where the water supply has a high level of calcium or magnesium.

You can fix this problem or prevent it entirely by getting regular water heater cleaning and maintenance.

Need a Repairman ASAP?

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the information to fix your problems so that no hot water in your heater will be a thing of the past. If you’re in dire need of an HVAC repairman, be sure to call us today!

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