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Out With The Old! Here’s Some Types of Heating Systems Getting Installed In New Homes!

Four in ten custom homes that are built in the United States have an inadequate HVAC system. To ensure that your home has the proper HVAC system, you need to know your options. 

By knowing the different types of heating systems, you can ensure you have the most effective system. This will increase your home’s efficiency and reduce your heating costs. 

Keep reading to learn about the different heating methods installed in modern homes. 


This system typically uses a power source to heat the air. The air is then forced through the ducts and distributed throughout the home. You could power your system with a variety of fuels. 

  • Gas 
  • Electricity 
  • Propane 
  • Oil
  • Natural gas 


Boilers are similar to furnaces, but they use heated water instead of air. They enable you to have targeted zoned heating. Their downside is that they’re significantly more expensive to install and maintain. 

Heat Pump 

If you’re looking for efficiency, then consider a heat pump. It can heat and cool your home through the use of refrigerants and electricity. Their downside is they aren’t effective at heating a home in sub-freezing temperatures. 

Hybrid Heating 

If you like the efficiency of a heat pump, but live in a colder climate, then consider installing a hybrid system. This combines the energy efficiency of the heat pump with the power of a furnace. 

The heat pump will do the heavy lifting the majority of the time. Then the furnace will step in when the temperatures get extreme. 

With the combination of units, you’ll reduce the load and stress on each unit. This will save you money on repairs and long term maintenance. 

Ductless Mini-Splits 

Homes that don’t have the space for ductwork will sometimes use a ductless mini-split. This system eliminates the need for ducts and can create separate HVAC zones. Each room has its own thermostat. 

This is also a good solution for homes that have an addition that doesn’t have ductwork. 

Radiant Heating 

Radiant heating uses special tubes that run throughout the floor, walls, or ceiling. The water in these tubes gets heated by either electricity, propane, gas, or oil. 

These systems can last a long time but can get quite expensive when they require maintenance or repairs. You’ll typically see this type of heating used for heating the flooring in bathrooms or the kitchen. You’ll want to make sure you hire a company with experience installing these systems to ensure it’s done correctly. 

Baseboard Heating

There are two types of baseboard heating, hydronic and electric. While this type of system is affordable and effective, it’s typically looked at as a supplemental system. It gets used in heating a home add-on. 

Compare Types of Heating Systems

If you’re getting ready to buy a home in Oklahoma, then knowing the types of heating systems will help you compare your options. You’ll be able to compare the expected heating and maintenance costs. 

If you need help, our team is happy to assist. We can help you asses the condition of a home’s current system. 

Contact us today to service or install your home heating system. 

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