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Fall into Autumn with Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

Brace yourself. Winter is coming.

With the season change, you’re going to start switching on the heater. Is your HVAC unit ready?

seasonal HVAC maintenance is critical to surviving the winter months. But why? Why is special maintenance required based on seasonal changes?

Be prepared for winter and keep reading to learn why seasonal maintenance is so important for your HVAC unit.

Energy Efficiency

That’s what it’s all about in today’s age. Energy efficiency.

Aside from having a green thumb and trying to protect the O-Zone layer, you probably don’t want to spend the majority of your paycheck on heating bills.

Proper maintenance will ensure that the different components in your unit are all lubricated and properly functioning. This will cut down on how hard your unit has to work to heat your home.

Regularly changing your air filter will also make a huge difference in regards to energy efficiency. When dust and dander build up, it can clog your air filter, which can restrict air flow, causing the unit to work a lot harder.

Air Flow and Quality

Speaking of restricting airflow, poor airflow can cause uneven even heating in your home. It’s important that your HVAC unit is able to properly circulate the air in your home.

This is not only important for energy efficiency and even heating, but it’s also going to affect your air quality. Remember that all HVAC units have filters. Those filters really do a good job of cleaning the gunk out of your air.

If you’re not changing your filters regularly, you could start to get sick, as bacteria and mold will overrun your filter.

Longevity of Equipment

Of course, HVAC units can be expensive. You probably don’t want to go out and buy a new one every couple of years.

HVAC units are just like any other machine in your home, they require regular maintenance.

Consider a car for example. You could have a brand new car with nothing wrong with it, but if you neglect to change the oil for a long enough period of time, you can completely destroy the engine. Changing the oil is simple maintenance, but it’s essential to longevity and overall performance.

This is the same for an air conditioning unit. If you don’t change the air filter it will put strain on the other components of your unit. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, it’s time for a whole new unit.

Don’t Neglect Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

Imagine that you decided to completely neglect your HVAC maintenance.

Could you survive the winter with excessive energy bills, blocked airflow, and bad air quality?

The goal is to prevent these things from getting so bad that you need to replace your entire unit. Keeping up with regular maintenance and doing additional seasonal maintenance can help you prevent all of this.

If you need some advice or assistance with HVAC maintenance, contact us today for fast, reliable 24-hour service.

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