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The Oklahoma Average Temperature: Your Month-By-Month Guide

Like most states in the middle of the U.S., Oklahoma experiences severe seasonal shifts in the weather throughout the year. The summers are oppressively hot and the winters are brutally cold.

In fact, the hottest temperature ever recorded in Oklahoma was 113 degrees Fahrenheit, and the coldest temperature ever recorded was -31 degrees. So, suffice it to say that you need a heating and cooling system in this state.

But, these are extreme examples. If you’d like to read about the Oklahoma average temperature by month, read on.

Oklahoma Average Temperature

The average temps in Oklahoma are nowhere near as severe as the previous examples, but they still can get pretty rough.


January is the coldest month of the year for Oklahomans with an average low of 29 degrees and a high of 50 degrees.


February is still bitterly cold, but the weather improves marginally with an average low of 33 degrees and an average high of 55 degrees.


In March, we typically begin to catch some inklings of springtime weather with an average low of 41 degrees and an average high of 63 degrees.


Finally out of the winter for good, your average day in April has a high of 72 degrees and a low of 52 degrees.


Then, we see those warm May showers that breathe life back into our plant life, accompanying average highs of 80 degrees and average lows of 60 degrees.


In June, we start to feel the heat of the summer approaching with highs of 88 and lows of 68. If you’ve got a faulty HVAC system, you’ll definitely want to get it replaced or repaired by the end of June.


July is typically the hottest month of the summer for Oklahomans. We typically experience average highs of 94 degrees and average lows of 72, but it often stays hot and humid well into the night.


August is summer’s last hurrah and is more or less just as hot as July, with highs of 93 degrees and lows of 71.


September often stays pretty hot, but it’s a festive time of the year for residents of the Sooner state as college football starts back up again. You can find yourself in a stadium on any given Saturday experiencing highs of 85 and lows of 63.


By Halloween, the state has usually cooled off. You’ll be trick-or-treating with lows of 52 degrees and highs of 73 degrees.


Whether or not it’ll be warm or cold on Thanksgiving is always a toss-up in Oklahoma, as the average temperature in November vacillates between 62 and 40 degrees and the highs and lows.


More often than not, our Christmas’s in Oklahoma are white. With average lows of 31 and average highs of 51, it’s cold enough for the snow to hit the ground stay there a while.

Ready for the Seasonal Weather?

Now that you know the Oklahoma average temperature by month, you can maybe appreciate the drastic swings in the weather we experience here. To keep your home comfortable and habitable, you’ll need a top-notch heating and cooling system.

If you need someone to install or repair these systems in your home, be sure to contact us. We’re the best in the state to handle your HVAC needs.

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