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Take Care of Your HVAC, and It’ll Take Care of You. Here Are Some Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips to Keep Your System Running

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the winter of 2019-2020 should be 8% colder than it was last year. They project the average cost to heat a home with electricity will be $980.

If you have an HVAC system in your home, it makes sense to keep it in top condition. Otherwise, you may end up spending more money to heat your home.

You may also run the risk of not having any heat if something breaks down. To help ensure you and your family stay safe and warm all winter long, we’re sharing with you our favorite HVAC maintenance tips.

Keep reading to learn winter HVAC tips every homeowner needs to perform before the season starts.

Easy HVAC Maintenance Tips

Let’s start with some of the easier, less expensive HVAC tips any homeowner can perform on their own.

Air Filters

One easy step is to clean or replace your air filters.

You should use an air filter with a minimum MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) of seven. Air filters should be checked and replaced every 1-3 months.

Vents and Registers

Next, clean and unblocked all registers and vents. Make sure none of them are blocked by furniture, rugs, or are closed off in any way.

While you’re at it, remove dust you find around your vents and registers. You’ll prevent dust from entering your HVAC system and circulating throughout your home.

Cover Outdoor A/C Unit

Once you’re sure the warmer days are behind you for the season, buy an outdoor unit cover.

This will protect the unit from snow, ice, and debris buildup.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, now is the time to invest in one. Many of them allow you to program your thermostat using your cell phone, meaning you never have to walk into a cold house again.

If you do have one, reprogram it to ensure that it’s lower when you’re not at home. According to the Department of Energy, for each degree you lower your thermometer, you save 1% for every eight hours it’s lowered.

Add Insulation

Make sure there’s enough insulation in your attic so that you keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Also, properly insulating your home means putting less of a strain on your HVAC system.

The insulation in your attic should be high enough where the view of the floor joists is obstructed.

Get a Professional Inspection

While there are many HVAC tips for winter you can do yourself, it’s always a smart idea to have a professional HVAC technician perform a heating tune-up.

He or she can inspect your heating system to make sure there are no signs of wear and/or tear. They will also clean your HVAC system by checking the following:

  • Gas pressure
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Motors
  • Safety switches
  • Belts
  • Contact
  • Electrical switches

Inspections should be performed at the beginning of every fall and spring to ensure your heating and cooling systems are running as efficiently as possible.

Invest in a New HVAC System

An old and inefficient HVAC system won’t keep you warm and it will keep costing you money. While replacing your system is an expense, there are benefits.

A new, high-efficiency model reduces annual energy costs between 20%-40%.

if your system is 10 years or older, ask your service technician when your HVAC system needs replacing.

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It costs more to ignore these HVAC maintenance tips than it does to comply with them. You’ll always know your system is working efficiently and you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to schedule your winter visit from your HVAC technician. Click here to contact us and we’ll get you on our schedule.

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