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How an AC Works: Why It Affects Much More Than Just the Temperature

The air conditioner is our trusty partner. For years, your AC unit has been pumping cool air into your home, helping you be the happy and awesome person that you are.

But did you ever think to clean your air conditioner? Ever wondered how an AC works? Your unit might be having adverse effects on your health if it hasn’t been looked at in a while.

We’ll cover some interesting facts about air conditioners and what you should do to keep your air clean.

How an AC Works

Whether you have central AC or a window unit doesn’t matter. Well, it does matter but the idea of an air conditioner is the same any way you swing it. Air conditioners take air from outdoors, run it through a system, and blow it into your house at the desired temperature.

The thing about this process is that it puts most of your home’s air at the will of the air conditioner. Whatever pathways your air goes through are likely laced with harmful bacteria and materials that could affect your health in a big way.

If it’s been a long time since you last had your unit cleaned, you should have someone come to look at it. The cleaning service comes at a nominal fee and the health implications could be great.

That’s the scary part. The great part is that, if clean, your air conditioner could actually help your health significantly.

Air Conditioners Improve Air Quality

Because air conditioners circulate your air, air circles through your house, preventing allergens and pollutants from sitting dormant. If you’ve ever stepped into a musty house without air conditioning, you can immediately feel the presence of irritants.

When the air gets circulated, it filters through the unit and removes most of the harmful materials in your air. On the flip side of this, though, is the fact that your air filter could be dirty.

If your air filter is dirty, you could be pumping harmful bacteria into your home’s air. This is yet another reason to have your AC unit cleaned.

They Improve Our Behaviors

High temperatures lead to a number of adverse health effects. Studies show that offices function better when the building is kept cool. Additionally, people are more prone to get angry when they’re subjected to heat.

Being hot is uncomfortable and debilitating. Our bodies get tired and our brains start making more irrational decisions. The data shows that we get cranky, frustrated, and impulsive when we’re hot.

It stands to reason that staying at a comfortable temperature will help us stay calm, cool, and collected in our daily lives.

Need Your AC Cleaned?

If it’s been a few years since your unit has been cleaned, you’re due. Poor air can lead to respiratory illnesses and untreated diseases. Understanding how an AC works is the first step to cleaning and maintaining it.

You never know what could be lurking in your air filters. If you’re interested in having a cleaning or learning more about HVAC systems, visit our site to learn more.

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