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How AC Problems Could Be Affecting Your Health (Plus How to Fix Them)

Did you know that your home or office AC could be the reason why you are sick? Seems impossible, right?

Well, it does happen! Lack of proper AC maintenance results in a wide range of AC problems that pose a health risk to a property’s residents. Here are some of these health issues and what can be done to avert them.

Respiratory Problems

When an air conditioning system is not cleaned and well maintained, it creates a breeding ground for all kinds of AC problems. A dirty filter allows contaminated air to get into your ductwork and spread throughout the house or office. This contaminated air contains all types of dirt, bacteria, and fungi.

The longer the air conditioning unit collects dust, pollen, and other pollutants, the more you’re exposed to poor air quality. This increases your risk of encountering respiratory problems such as asthma. Air conditioning also makes the air dry, which often triggers the symptoms of asthma such as coughs and shortness of breath.

Poorly maintained AC systems are also a breeding ground for mold. When these microorganisms get carried around the house, and you inhale them, they can lead to several breathing problems if you’re allergic. They can also cause serious lung infections such as legionellosis.

Legionellosis is a rare but grave lung infection whose effects are detrimental. The bacteria that causes it resides in poorly maintained air conditioning systems and spreads through inhaling.

You can avoid all these AC problems by regularly cleaning and inspecting your unit. Check your systems’ air filter once every two months to make sure it’s clean. If it’s worn out, replace it right away.

Call in a professional AC maintenance service to inspect your system twice a year. They will do a more thorough cleanup of the system to ensure it’s free of any contaminants.

Constant Fatigue, Headaches, and General Illness

If you often experience fatigue, head pains, sore throats, loss of voice, and dry or irritated eyes; mouth, and nasal passages, then the AC could be the reason. If you stay in an air-conditioned environment for too long, you’re likely to experience these symptoms.

The condition is known as the ‘sick building syndrome.’ According to a study in the International Journal of Epidemiology, individuals working in air-conditioned offices experienced more symptoms of such sicknesses than those who didn’t.

The solution here is to ensure that your AC is working efficiently. Also, you need to frequently step out of the air-conditioned environment to catch some fresh air.

Dry Skin

When AC cooling isn’t well regulated, or you spend too much time in air-conditioned spaces, your skin is likely to lose excess moisture. If you don’t dehydrate often, your skin will become dry and somehow flaky. Your hair may also suffer the same fate.

The solution is to stay hydrated when in such environments and to ensure that the AC is working at its optimal level.

AC Problems and Health Issues!

Various AC problems can lead to health issues such as respiratory and breathing challenges. Always ensure you AC is in perfect condition to avoid these problems.

Contact us today if you want a professional AC inspection or repair!

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