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6 Common Causes of AC Compressor Failure

compressor failure

A faulty compressor is the worst thing that can happen to your air conditioner. It’s the heart of the system. A compressor is responsible for moving coolant throughout the AC. If it fails, the AC cannot do its job and cool the air. Compressors are very expensive to replace and sometimes the only choice is…

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No Hot Water? Here’s How to Troubleshoot Common Water Heater Problems!

water heater repair

It has long been man’s mission to control the environment around him. With each new invention and with each passing year, we grow more capable of controlling the space around us. In 1889, thanks to Edmund Rudd and his water heater, we started being able to control the temperature of the H2O in our homes. Of…

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Is Your Annual Air Conditioner Tune Up Really Worth It? (Spoiler: It is!)

ac tuneup

Preparing your home for the summer months comes with a lot of cleaning and maintenance. One thing every homeowner should be prepared for is doing an air conditioner tune up. These tune ups are essential for maintaining your HVAC unit’s longevity and efficiency. But is it a good idea to call in a maintenance company…

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Basics of AC Maintenance: How to Clean Your AC Unit

ac maintenance okc

Each year, air conditioning costs American homeowners around $29 billion. Regular AC maintenance is key to keeping these extreme costs down. Without routine air conditioning check-ups, the system gets increasingly clogged with debris and dirt. The coolant levels can also fall much lower than they should be, and the fans and filters need to be cleaned.…

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