5 Home Heating Safety Tips You Need to Know This Winter

heating safety tips

We’re at the heart of winter and things aren’t getting any warmer. They can in your home, however, if you’re not safe about how you heat your house. All homeowners should have an arsenal of heating safety tips on hand. This helps prevent heating hazards. Having safety tips on hand and following them protects your investment—your…

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Things That Go Bump in the Night: Furnace Sounds You Shouldn’t Ignore

furnace making noise

Is your furnace making noise? Wondering what those sounds could mean? If you’ve started hearing strange and alarming sounds coming from your furnace, then it’s crucial that you don’t ignore them. While some noise is normal, excessive and intense sounds are often indicative of some deep problems that require an immediate fix by a professional…

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Top 10 States with the Highest Heating Bills

heating bills

While you’re considering the price of your utility bills, it’s common to compare yourself to others. You probably know someone who pays a lot less than you do, and you start wondering about how to lower your heating bill. But when you take a look at comparisons around the country, you’ll be surprised at how good…

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Heater Temperature: How High is Too High for Winter?

best heater temp

Are you trying to find the best heater temperature for your home this winter season? In Oklahoma, the average high temperature in winter is 55 degrees (February) and the average low is 29 degrees (January). These extremes can make it challenging for you to find the right temperature in your house. You want to be comfortable in…

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