Dual Hose Air Conditioner Vs Single Hose: Portable AC Unit Efficiency

dual hose air conditioner

The hottest day in Oklahoma history was in June of 1936 when temperatures rose to an unbelievable 107 degrees. If that ever happens again and you don’t have a nice icy breeze coming from your AC, you’ll be sorry. There are a lot of reasons why you may not currently have home an AC, maybe your…

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Do You Have a Clogged AC Drain Line? 5 Causes and Solutions

ac drain line

There were 1.6 billion air conditioning units in use globally in the year 2018. This number is projected to soar to 5.6 billion by mid-century, which goes to show the growing dependence on AC systems. Do you own an air conditioning unit at home? Despite ACs gaining massive popularity, they are prone to malfunctions every…

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Installation Costs: How Much Does a New AC Unit Cost in 2019?

how much does a new ac unit cost

So, your old AC unit just isn’t doing the trick anymore. Either that or your system is slowing down and you’re planning for a replacement in the future. But how much does a new AC unit cost? It’s a question not many people know the answer to, but it’s important to know what you’re looking…

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The Cold, Hard Facts Why You Need Air Conditioning Maintenance

air conditioning maintenance

You’ll need to address air conditioning maintenance on a regular basis if you want to get the most from your home. The more you know about caring for your home AC, the better service you’ll get from it overall. What’s more, regularly repairing your AC helps you maintain a certain standard and quality of life.…

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New HVAC Equipment: The Best Air Conditioners (2019 Buyer’s Guide)

best air conditioners

When you’re trying to get the best work from your air conditioning, there are plenty of new models to choose between. By searching for the best air conditioners available right now, you’ll be better able to make it through the summer. In this regard, you can use the tips below to shop for what you…

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Staying Super Comfy: How to Get and Maintain an Ideal Indoor Humidity

ideal indoor humidity

Air conditioners use 12% of a home’s electricity and cost billions of dollars each year. But when the air gets humid during summer months, how do you stay comfortable in your home? Maintaining ideal indoor humidity levels in your home is the perfect answer to staying cool and comfy when temperatures rise. We’re here with…

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2019 Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Best AC Unit for Your Home

best ac unit

Are you in the market for a new AC unit for your home? Whether you’re installing one for the first time or replacing an old malfunctioning AC system, know what to look out for to buy the best ac unit. AC systems are a necessity today. If you want to keep your family comfortable during…

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How to Make Sure You Have an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

energy efficient air conditioner

Across the United States, air conditioning accounts for 12% of total home energy expenditure. In 2015, the average household spent $1,856 on air conditioning. If your air conditioner isn’t energy-efficient, you could be paying a bill that’s 20 to 40 percent more than it should be. If your AC is older, you could be wasting…

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How an AC Works: Why It Affects Much More Than Just the Temperature

how ac works

The air conditioner is our trusty partner. For years, your AC unit has been pumping cool air into your home, helping you be the happy and awesome person that you are. But did you ever think to clean your air conditioner? Ever wondered how an AC works? Your unit might be having adverse effects on…

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