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HVAC Repairs Norman OK

Fast, Efficient HVAC Repair in Norman, OK

We want to make your decision easy when it comes to your home AC and Heat repair. We also know that HVAC repairs can be an unexpected expense. Let our team help with the burden when facing unexpected air conditioning problem or furnace issue.

How much will repairing my AC or furnace cost?

Here you will find some general info on normal expense for repairs helping you make the right decision when it comes to choosing your HVAC contractor. AMERICARE HEAT & AIR.

For most contractors the cost of a service call depends on several factors. Most HVAC technicians will charge a flat rate just to come to your home and examine your HVAC system. Additionally, a more experienced technician with a good reputation may charge more than a less experienced one. Furthermore, a weekend, holiday or evening visit will be more expensive than a weekday or regular working hour visit. Depending on these variables, the price of a service call can cost anywhere from $60 to $250. Be aware that in some cases the HVAC technician might discover that the problem is an electrical one and will need to contact an electrician, however the HVAC technician will almost always expect payment for his time and diagnosis.

Before considering furnace replacement let us give you a quote on repairs. When you need ac repairs in Oklahoma, Americare is here for you. We understand that when your air conditioner or heater is not working, you want it back on as soon as possible. Being a full service Residential Air Conditioning Service Provider, our air conditioning repair technicians are certified and trained to repair all makes and models, so no matter if your system has shut down or your thermostat is simply not working, we can take care of it. If it is time for routine maintenance on your air conditioning system, we also offer annual maintenance check-ups.

Are you experiencing these common heat and AC issues?

AC Issues:

  • AC not getting cold 
  • AC Refrigerant (Freon) levels are low
  • Failed thermostat
  • A dirty condensing/evaporator coil or filters
  • Clogged evaporator drain line
  • A nonfunctional fan motor or blower
  • A nonfunctional capacitor or contractor
  • A seized compressor
  • Electrical board and sensor issues

Furnace Issues:

  • Furnace not getting hot 
  • General gas and venting issues
  • Heat exchanger failures
  • Blower motor failure
  • Bad igniter
  • Seized combustion fan motor
  • Electrical issues and sensor damage

Ready to Get Your HVAC System Back up and Running?

Don't get stuck in the heat of summer or the freezing winter nights. If you feel that any of these air conditioning or heating issues are occur at your home or business, call the professionals at Americare Heat and Air to solve your heat and air problem. We offer quality service and affordable prices with no gimmicks.


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