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5 Common Causes of Frozen AC Coils and How to Prevent Future Freezing

In the United States, a homeowner can expect to pay an average of $300 for air conditioner repairs.

Frozen AC coils are a sign that your AC needs repairs. These repairs may range from expensive to minor. If your AC coils are freezing up, you should have a professional look at your system.

Frozen AC Coils

When you experience a frozen evaporator coil, your AC unit will not work as intended. You must act fast to spare yourself more trouble.

Here is a list of five common causes for your AC coils freezing:

1. Lack of Refrigerant

If you do not have enough refrigerant in your system, you should contact an AC repair service. This lack of coolant will cause the coils to get too cold and freeze up. This problem might be due to a leak and requires addressing.

2. Broken Fan

If a fan is not operating correctly, it can’t circulate air. If air is not flowing, you may experience frozen AC coils because water will not drain before it freezes. AC units require warm air from the home that’s moved by the fan to stay functioning.

3. Broken Thermostat

If your thermostat is not working correctly, it might not detect the right temperature. If this happens, the unit could run far more than necessary. Your system will wear out faster and use way more electricity than it needs to. This malfunction can cause frozen AC coils.

4. Dirty Air Filters

Just like the fan, a dirty air filter can block the flow of air through your system. If this happens, you may experience frozen AC coils. This freezing process is because warm air is unable to defrost the coils while the system is operating.

5. Clogs in the Drains

If a condensate line is clogged, the system won’t be able to drain water. When water can’t filter out, it runs the risk of freezing. Water build-up tends to turn to ice while the refrigerant is moving through the system. If the condenser is damaged, you could be looking at a repair of $1,000 or more.

What to Do If You Have Frozen AC Coils

If you’re experiencing frozen AC coils, turn off your air conditioner. Not only will this prevent further damage, but the coils will have a chance to freeze up.

Sometimes other environmental issues can cause coils to freeze up. If the problem doesn’t return, you might not need repairs.

If the AC Keeps Freezing Up

If you’re in the Oklahoma City area and you keep experiencing frozen AC coils, you need to get your system fixed. Failure to contact a professional could lead to an expensive repair. The condenser is usually the most costly part of the system to replace.

Don’t let frozen AC coils stop you from enjoying the summer. Save a potential thousand-dollar fix by getting a certified technician out there to check your system and fix what has gone wrong. The sooner you call, the less chance there is expensive damage to your air conditioner.

Contact us today to get your AC fixed.

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