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4 Common Heat Pump Problems and What to Do About Them

Every year, there are millions of new heat pumps installed in the United States.

Energy efficiency and durability has led many to prefer heat pumps. Heat pump problems are rare, but like any HVAC system, heat pumps can break down.

Heat Pump Problems

Heat pumps are dependable and last a long time. To make use of the full lifespan of your heat pump, you’ll need routine maintenance. Here are some of the common problems heat pumps experience.

1. Dirty Fans and Filters

If the components inside your heat pump get dirty, you can have problems. Restricted airflow will cause a heat pump not to operate as intended. Dirty filters prevent air from reaching the heat pump, and a dirty fan moves less air than it should. Regular seasonal maintenance will prevent this problem.

If you continue to operate your system with reduced airflow, you’re inviting more significant problems. Any time you notice the heat pump not putting out enough air, check the filter first to see if it is clogged up.

2. Low Refrigerant or Malfunctioning Defrost Cycle

If you’re low on refrigerant, the heat pump coils can freeze up. Be on the lookout for a broken control module as well. If it’s not controlling the defrost cycle, freezing can occur.

Heat pumps need frequent defrosting. Moreso than other HVAC systems because of how heat pumps work. As with any HVAC system, keeping the proper amount of refrigerant is key to them working. Heat pumps work by moving heat, and this requires refrigerant like a standard HVAC system.

3. Worn out Motor Bearings or Loose Components

If you notice excessive noise coming from your system, especially if it’s a grinding or squealing sound, you need to contact a professional technician. Unlike rattling noises, which are usually caused by loose panels or ductwork, grinding and squealing noises are caused by a more severe problem.

Turn off your heat pump and contact a repair service if you notice these noises. These noises could signal expensive heat pump problems.

4. Thermostat Issues

If your heat pump isn’t blowing the warm or cold air that you want, you might have a thermostat issue. Try setting the temperature either up or down from its current position to see if this corrects the problem. Heat pumps require thermostats that are designed for heat pumps.

If you installed your thermostat, make sure it’s the correct type of thermostat. If the wires are loose or it’s not installed the right way, you might have a bad connection with the system.

Heat Pump Problems and You

If you’re experiencing heat pump problems, contact a professional service right away. Americare Heat & Air is a highly rated and reviewed HVAC company. Using a trusted professional to repair your heat pump problems is the best way to ensure that you don’t have to replace the entire system.

Heat pumps are expensive, and while they’re durable, they still need routine maintenance. Contact us today to have your heat pump problems addressed.

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